European business development
for Italian and Dutch companies
...capitalizing together on Italian enterpreneurship

Expand2Europe builds on 'Italian roots' and 'Dutch trade spirit'

We ...

Make things really happen

Through entrepreneurship and customer centric execution

Establisch win-win partnerships

Using cost-effective solutions and innovative business models

Develop substantial growth rapidly

Because of 25+ years' experience, know-how and contacts

What are your challenges in developing new business in Europe?

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Expand2Europe was founded by Donatella van Leeuwen-Cascino, who worked as head of sales and marketing for different corporate companies and small-and- medium enterprises. She has a track record in developing new business.

Quite soon she discovered that companies often do not have the competences and time available, which are required to develop international new business. Leaning on her longstanding experience and inspired by her father’s success, as an independent country manager for Italian companies in the Benelux, Donatella launched Expand2Europe in 2014. Since then the agency has been enabling Italian and Dutch companies to grow internationally, offering skills and competences on a project or temporary base.

We are passionate to spot market opportunities for our clients, improve their business performance and create value for them. We help you grow your business with international expertise and network in e-commerce, B2C logistics and supply chain, traditional and online B2B food distribution.

Expand2Europe co-creates and executes solutions for European growth

How will we enable you and your business moving forward into Europe?

How can we help you?

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Higher returns in international sales
& cross border e-commerce

Are you looking for improvements of results abroad? Do you experience difficulties in identifying hot spots for growth? Does too much internal focus prevent you from developing new business?

How will Expand2Europe enable you and your business moving forward?

  • Providing 'lead generation': search and qualification of B2B customers, import or export operators, online resellers
  • Organizing scoping workshops and summarizing the results in a roadmap with priorities, gaps and opportunities for your company
  • Searching potential partners or alternative suppliers for a differentiating customer experience
  • Creating a spin-off with a more competitive and differentiating solution for your international operations

Partnership selection and management

Working with partners can deliver substantial synergies to grow international business, either through use of the partner’s existing customer base or by joining forces into a state-of- the-art proposition.

How will Expand2Europe enable you and your business moving forward?

  • Identifying potential partners, who you may need for distribution of your products, or for realization of a joint proposition, for outsourcing of local operations or to enhance your B2C or B2B channel and solution
  • Selecting them according to pre-agreed criteria
  • Negotiating a competitive contract for you
  • Managing and growing the partnership

New business development and management

Although international sales can be a relatively easy strategy to grow, it is challenging to start from scratch or to boost sales after the initial phase in a country you do not know.

How will Expand2Europe enable you and your business moving forward?

  • Assessing the local competition, drafting objectives and a roadmap
  • Generating leads and building a B2B customer base locally
  • Growing the business through dedicated account management
  • Helping embed the new business in your organization

Are you looking for an 'Italian perspective' to drive new business in Europe?

We enable you to drive growth.

Our key values are entrepreneurial approach, co-creation and customer centric execution.

Let's talk how we could ...capitalize together on Italian entrepreneurship!